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Last year during the book tour for Content Rules, Ann and I were invited to speak at the OTA Sessions.

This young conference held in South Dakota was one of my favorite stops on the tour and  I walked away with several new friends who have made my life better since that day. One of them, I get to introduce you to today is Ellen McGirt.

Ellen is a Senior Writer for Fast Company Magazine and has covered everyone from Matt Damon to President Obama. I’ve always been a big fan of the magazine and I always get a bit of a kick anytime I pick up an issue and see her name on an article.

But, her journey to where she is today is the story I really wanted to tell. Her passion for writing and sharing stories with others shines through. When I heard how 9-11 changed her life, I wanted the world to hear her story.

I think anyone who dreams of being a writer or who longs to become a Passion Hit will learn something from her advice. What she has to say about making sure you take care of your family and needs first is a vital step that I fear far too many people forget about and it is the most important.



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  • Kristen

    Very inspiring! Thanks, Ellen. You really know how to speak to our hearts and the whole “take a risk” thing never sounded so good! See you at OTA next week.

  • http://twitter.com/3rhinomedia Don Stanley

    Fantastic Interview! I love the real life wisdom you share Ellen.

    I’ll be sharing your video with many of my journalism/communication students at UW-Madison. So many young people I interact with think those who are successful always know what they want to do, they think they never struggle, and successful people always make optimal choices. As we get older, we know this isn’t at all true. In fact the people who are most successful are those who face lots of struggles. They don’t always learn from them right away. Sometimes it’s messy, no fun, etc., but they do learn and grow from them. Thanks so much for sharing your story and wisdom and thank you CC for putting this together.