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Erik Proulx is a life long creative, who finds happiness in creatively telling other’s stories on film.

He first got on my radar when I heard about the release of Lemonade. It is the story of people who had been laid off from the advertising industry and how that sour moment turned into one of the sweetest transformations of their lives. It is an extremely motivating movie that showcases how being let go from a job is sometimes the best thing in the world to force people to chase what they are truly passionate about.

Erik’s latest project is Lemonade: Detroit.

It takes the same theme of turning lemons into lemonade, but this time focusing on the city of Detroit and the people who are determined to bring the city back to the glory it once had. Anyone can become a producer of the film through his ¬†innovate buy a frame sponsorship. I’m proud to say I’m a producer of the film and even though Erik wants to make it much bigger, you can watch the current 18 minute cut of the film below. It is beautiful and inspiring.

Somehow when we were both in Boston we could never find the time to sit down and share a meal. So earlier this year when I was in Austin for SXSW, we grabbed breakfast and then sat down to do this interview.

If you, your event or your company need a professional and creative video shot for any reason, Erik is the man to call.



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  • Fiyon Da Icon

    This film was TIGHT.. I’m glad I ran into this feature. Keep up the great work, Erik.

  • Marla

    Thank you for this film. Loved every second.