Jennifer Iannolo

Jennifer Iannolo is the Founder and CEO of Zenfully Delicious and the co-founder of The Gilded Fork.

She is a lover of food, sensuality and living a good life.

When a chronic illness changed her life, she found herself with the choice of letting it consume her or inspire her to greatness. She chose the second path.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jennifer for several years now and we’ve shared some great times together. Her passion for food is contagious and we haven’t shared nearly enough meals together yet.

Zenfully Delicious is making sure that women of all ages are empowered to live a more successful and fulfilling life. She recently launched a new personal development initiative she is calling being your Fairy GodMoFo™ that I can’t wait to watch take off.

On top of all this she is an advisor to Know My World and works with organizations of all sizes. If you are looking for a knowledgeable woman speaker for your next event, you should get in touch with her.

Jennifer is building her business one day at a time and as you’ll hear in the interview, she isn’t looking back.


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