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I don’t remember the first time I met Steve Garfield, but it was years ago and since then we’ve become very good friends.

If you’ve ever wondered about online video or how to start a video blog, you’ve probably found your way over to or read his awesome book Get Seen. If you haven’t done either, please fix that immediately and follow the links.

In 2004, Steve decided that he wanted to bring video to the web. He quickly discovered other people who wanted to do the same thing and video blogging was born and soon YouTube would arrive and take it to a whole new level.

What I love about Steve is that he is always doing what he loves. I’ve never heard him complain about working on something he hated, because he choses to focus his time and energy on the projects that excite and intrigue him. Not everyone can say that, but he lives it.

On the original list of people I wanted to get on this show, Steve was there. He doesn’t get put in front of the camera and have other people ask him questions nearly enough and there was no way I was going to miss sharing his unique journey to becoming “Steve Garfield from Steve Garfield dot com.”

A die hard Boston fan, drinker of quality beer and button collector are just some of the phrases you could use to describe Steve Garfield. He is also one of the most helpful people on the Internet who if he doesn’t know the answer to your problems, will make sure he finds the answer for you. If you or your company need someone to produce videos for you, I can’t think of anyone better to point you too.

And a little “secret.” If you really want to meet Steve, the first Sunday morning of every month you can find him at Doyle’s Cafe for the monthly Boston Media Makers that he is the founder of. Always a great group of people and the coffee is free.

Thank you Steve for being a good friend and a constant source of inspiration.

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  • Steve Garfield

    Thanks for the great interview CC. It was great fun sharing stories with you and your viewers.

    • C.C. Chapman

      Thank YOU for being so generous with your time and story so that others can be inspired by it!!

  • Ande Lyons

    La La LOVE this interview CC… love Steve’s philosophy… and how all his good Karma flows right back to him… love his Jimmy Fallon friendship story … especially LOVE how he and his wife share an hour walk together every morning… YAY! Off to follow him on Twitter… always ready for great jokes! Lived in JP for 11 years and a HUGE fan of Doyles… will try to make it down there for coffee and media eavesdropping. Cheers! Your newbie video gal who is JUST DOING HER PASSION… Ande Lyons (

    • C.C. Chapman

      Thank you for swinging by and sharing your love for the episode.

      You made my day by saying you might go to the next BMM!!! Great group of people there every time.

  • Beer Stuff HQ

    This is a very inspiring video interview. I have been experimenting online with video, etc and just having fun. Some times I think it’s a waste of time but you never know when something will hit. If nothing else it’s a blast to be creative and learn new things. Thanks to C.C. and thanks to Steve for giving me some new ideas to tinker with.. :)

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